Our innovative PaPillOn pallet is the strongest paper pallet ever, with patented forming technology and gluing of the corners to the largest possible surface areas to further strengthen the frame. It’s made of 100% recycled paper but as strong as wood and ideal for loads up to 1,000 kilograms. PaPillOn is available in different sizes and construction formats; with or without slices, 3 or 5 bars.


No dust, no dirt – cleanliness guaranteed


Unlike wooden pallets, there’s no need to worry about mold or microorganisms forming and no heat treatment is needed when you’re using our PaPillOn Pallets. There are also no nails or staples, so the risk of injuries is reduced.


Equivalent to EUR pallet


Our PaPillOn pallet has the same functionality and features as a standard EUR pallet but is available in three different types and easier for handling.


Made of recycled paper, the DS Smith PaPillOn pallet can handle loads up to 1000 kilograms

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DS Smith Papillon托盘


DS Smith Papillon托盘 - 市场上最强的纸托盘

DS Smith Papillon托盘 - 非常适合多达1,000公斤和市场上最强的纸托盘。

DS Smith Papillon容器

DS Smith Papillon容器可以优化用于单向或多旋转的使用。部分或全部基于我们的Papillon托盘,它可以在尺寸和构造方面灵活地根据您的需求而定制。

DS Smith Papillon Topdeck保护您的商品

DS Smith Papillon顶级甲板是坚不可摧的,带有不会损坏您的产品的乐队,并保证在堆叠时保护您的商品。